Better Music Through Hypnosis

by A Thousand Paper Cranes

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a new album for your ears to hear


released January 15, 2015

A Thousand Paper Cranes are
Dan de Groh - vocals, keyboards
Tom Fulton - drums, etc
Noah Foutz - bass guitar, vocals
Ben Wolgamuth - guitar, vocals

Sam Rothacker (wrong-key harmonica solo on 8)
Abby Wolgamuth (extra handclap on 4)

recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by Ben Wolgamuth at The Band Cave in Hinckley, Ohio

includes various samples of Better Golf Through Hypnosis by Richard R Rohrbaugh (all rights reserved, if they still exist?)

art by orange talc with contributions from:
Brian Marshall [] (track 4)
Madi Landsness (track 9, 10)
Hannah Obremski (track 5, cover)
caleb (special teams)

thank you:
the 1960s and the 1990s,, evan krise, tanner steinbacher, jimi hendrix, kerri for passing the peanut butter, jack and meg white, jimmy chamberlin, band of skulls, michael grizzle tripodcity, the tamaracks, toddstock and all those involved, the glass kayaks on st. croix, mark van wees, paul schroeder, all our friends in the art wing, still in limbo, chris ilg, ed marquette, rachel gamin, emily miller, kelly harrison, the carkeys, nikki werling, majestic gilbert, the lunchbox microphone, hummus, sam, arnold schwarzenegger, richard hell, television, blondie, isaac brock, amanda palmer, caleb for dragging things around, our small group of carpoolers who come to the shows, laptops for helping out, andrew hussie, bruce folkerth, the foundry, the outpost, the agora, the highland high school drumline, driftless pony club, radiohead, smash bros, esteemed playwright benjamin holland, abby who's always near and haleigh who's sometimes far away, our wonderful families and any friends we neglected to mention, and the legend of zelda: the wind waker.



all rights reserved


A Thousand Paper Cranes Medina, Ohio

ATPC are a band that are really trying, just trying as hard as they can. they are currently on hiatus.

"As you can see, this band is slowly progressing to where they want to be in hopes of one day reaching their ultimate goal."
- The HHS Stinger
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Track Name: New Year
Faith wasn't good enough for me
Not my taste – a letter would be better relief
Another year you followed me around
Do you fear your world's turned upside down?

Night always seems to turn to day
Do you know why it always has to be that way?
Understand that there are things you'll never know
Are you a man? and Don't you sometimes feel alone?

Faith wasn't good enough for me
Not my taste – a letter would be better relief
New year: here we go again
We don't care about what could have been
Track Name: Accidental Anthem
Climbing up the ladder while I'm falling down the canyon wall
Don't you know I'm still alive?
White water, blackened ceiling, and I still can't shake the feeling
Someone else's anthem can't be mine
Someone else's anthem can't be mine

Avatars and apparitions
Richard Hell and Television
Sorry for the ceremony, I don't want you to be lonely

Understood and understated; plastic heart but silver-plated
Don't you know I'm still alive?
Can't believe that wanting you could lead to you wanting me too
Someone else's anthem can't be mine
Someone else's anthem can't be mine
Track Name: Cardinal Ballad
the sun is out today
but the sun is out every day
there's really nothing left to say
but that's why you went away
now money doesn't grow on trees
but you just keep taking leaves
your brain don't understand what it sees
But that's all right, mr grieves

look out at the birds, they are telling you to sing
doesn't matter why or the consequence it brings

watch them fly, it goes fast
look behind, you see your past
beautiful and bright, it will be your kind

all the colors in the sky
they make you happy and you wonder why
you know you're gonna have to try
but i can see it in your eyes

Just don't take yourself too seriously; it's all in your head

you are not the reason for it
they are flowers for your mind
even if you ignore it
they will fly and be their kind
Track Name: The Hammer
I'd like to run away from all the sound
But silence can be louder anyway
I'd like to get away from solid ground
But sometimes it gets terrifying, just trying to stop trying
But right now I just can't hang around

Cast a shadow of a doubt
Lights are off and power out

I'm trapped inside of your stone embrace
And I don't want to stay another day
I won't participate in your arms race
I'll break the digital horizon that you've been synthesizing
And smile while the blood runs down my face

The hammer presses down on me
I knew you'd be my enemy
Track Name: You Say
Every time you say you do, you don't; you do, you say
And every time you promise me, you turn the other way
Don't turn me on this lie no more – I'm tired of this game
You say you do, you don't, you say you promise it's okay

You say you do, you don't; what you say, what you say you don't do
The promises you said you would wouldn't follow through
You say you do, you don't; what you say, what you say you don't do
The love you gave, received, to me wouldn't show me true
Track Name: Partial Recall
It's all here waiting for you to bend it to your will
The only purpose is the purpose you want it to fill
Pain and pleasure is only the next endeavor
Don't fly too close to the sun - you're the only one

You're just what we've been looking for

The tide is coming in; the wind is pushing you away
And now your second skin is gone for the rest of your days
I bet you're sorry that you ended this so soon
But you ran out of tries and I'm not sorry for you

It's close enough to real to feel enough like home again
Track Name: Saint Sebastian
On the day the snow was falling to Mountains and Ruins
The coldest I had ever felt before
Sebastian was her name and she was passing through to somewhere
A refugee of the Suburban War

I told her she could stay awhile
To warm her bones beside the fire
I told her she could stay awhile
And all my friends would try to keep her warm

The person that I need, the one I always meant to be
Was summarized in her blue eyes
She'll always be a friend, the one I look to in the end
From sunset to the new sunrise

On the day the sun was shining upon her reflection
The final day we spent down by the sea
I looked into her eyes, and then I felt the connection
Between the Saint Sebastian and me

I could have thrown away my life
And had my lasting moment there that night
But I knew it wasn't right, and so did she

The person I adored, the one who made me live for more
Who laughed at me behind blue eyes
She'll always be a friend, and that's all right in the end
From sunset to the new sunrise

On the day Sebastian called us to say she was leaving
We clearly didn't understand a thing
We wanted her to stay and be a member of the chorus
But Sebastian had a different song to sing
Track Name: Revolution Song
Pressure's high, getting propped up by some painkillers and a bottle of booze
You don't look like a kid, but you wish that you did, because you don't have a lot to lose
It's the way you get by, so you walk out on stage
But you're mind's getting dry from hard drugs and old age
You're still playing your part, but all the spirit is gone
I'm sick of singing someone else's revolution song

You're not a rolling stone no more, a blockade and a major distraction
We've heard it all a million times before, and we're not getting no satisfaction
All your records went triple gold
But there's just no denying that they're getting old
So stop saying you're right when you know that you're wrong
I'm sick of singing someone else's revolution song

Walk into the record store; everybody's saying something's wrong
Well maybe so, but I know I'm sure a protest is the song of the young
So quit your same old song and dance
You ought to give someone else a bit more of a chance
I'm done sitting around, I'm done singing along
I'm sick of singing someone else's revolution song
Track Name: Woes Of Man
You typed it out again, but telegrams are dead
Just dust in the wind
A personal reminder of your sin
I've got more to offer than missed calls and promises
And you've reaped before the rain
It was over before Sunday came

So take all your memories back before you go
Don't stay; just leave me here alone, to love no more
I'm awake, but sleeping through the storm, here alone

You dry your bones alone; your marrow's turned to stone
They crack beneath your feet
You couldn't ever stand the sight of me
The woes of man have come, and they are beating their drum
And it's too late to see
The break in my humanity
Track Name: Empty Tigers Or The Roaring Sea
Maybe there's a ghost in my stereo
But maybe I don't know about the things you know
Maybe I don't want to make history
To fill my empty tigers or the roaring sea

Because it isn't about me anymore
It's about you and the night and the vanishing light and the rest
It isn't about me anymore
But when I disappear, you'll know that I did my best

Maybe there's a ghost in my stereo
But maybe I can't wait to just let it go
Maybe all I want is to disagree
With my empty tigers and the roaring sea

Because it isn't about me anymore
It's about the how and the why and the lack of supply and the rest
It isn't about me anymore
I thought that this was my house, but I'm only a guest

Find me a quiet place to sleep
Find me a quiet place to die
This is the promise I will keep
If you can give me one last try

Maybe there's a ghost in my stereo
Because baby, if there is, I'll never let it go
I guess I figured out that it's a part of me
All of my empty tigers and the roaring sea
Track Name: The West
I'm on the other side of this abyss that is growing between here and there
Watch it split open and reach out your hand to tell me that you wanted to care
The way that it stands we will never find our new horizon, and that, more than anything else, is the reason I find myself in such a spell of despair
It's so unfair

You are the one who just followed your dream without giving me a second glance
I know it was right, but that still doesn't change the fact that I never got my chance
The whole world is ending and you're still pretending that given some time you'll be back in my bed, but I've seen crazy things and I'm starting to think it's the end
Of us again

It's sort of funny how when you head west, you'll always be east again soon
I'll wait for you on the other side of a piece of the desolate moon

I was always wrong, but I'll keep riding on