There's No T In Team I Don't Care What Anyone Says [tom]

from by A Thousand Paper Cranes

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this song has such a cool concept lyrically + structurally you cant tell me any different - tf


I never thought of us as friends in the usual
WAY back when we would hang out at your parents' old
GRAVE situations never seemed to affect our
STYLE, there was nobody around for MILES

RUN down the middle of the road, never looking both
WAYS to avoid problems, there were many many
GREAT ideas, they were rare, but the came from with-
INtuition paying out the big dividENDS

PUT on a smile yesterday, now i can't get it
OFF to bed early, paranoid of a little
COFFin offers me a rest, think i gotta de-
CLINE, not loitering, standing in LINE

LOOK OUT for the locomotive standing there perfectly
STILL you persist even after you have been
KILLED our masters, never coming back from
THIS is your life, stare into the abyss

& the abyss stares back, the abyss stares back

everyone is ugly when you look at their
FACE the music, brighten up the
PLACE your bets, people, i ain't gonna say it
TWICE the meat for half the

PRICE isn't something that i'm willing to
PAY attention, this is gonna be
GREAT grandfather and he's filling up the
TAPped out and i never wanna come

BACK to the rhythm, back to the
PLACE where i think i might've made a mis-
TAKE what you want, i am never gonna
DIE so easily, i don't even

TRY psychotherapy, a guarenteed
WINdows open and the boys are coming
INstead of crying why don't you spit it
OUT, damn spot, whatcha wanna talk about?

whatcha wanna talk about?

WALK around taking in the
SIGHTSeeing people travel
LIGHT pours in from every-
WHERE is all you beautiful

HARrowing visions of the
PASsed out, coming in
LAST one out shut the
DOOR HINGE doesn't rhyme with

ORANGE hanging from a
TREason on the high
SEASons changing in a
BLURry vision of the an-

SIR, do you take your coffee
BLACK hole, universal
SNACK time, chomping on a
PAIR of people, everybody stare

if there's a pair of people, people gonna stare

NEVer gonna
STOP and take
STOCK market
CRASHing through the

GLASSy eyed
LOOKing like a
CROOKed old
MAN made is-

LANDing on the
MOON is coming
SOONer count the
STARS above the

MARtial arts
CLASSic psycho-
PATH to the
TOWN is coming DOWN

ONE for the money, two from the show
SHOW me the money and i'll never let go


from unfolded, released January 15, 2017
written, performed, and recorded by tom fulton



all rights reserved


A Thousand Paper Cranes Medina, Ohio

ATPC are a band that are really trying, just trying as hard as they can. they are currently on hiatus.

"As you can see, this band is slowly progressing to where they want to be in hopes of one day reaching their ultimate goal."
- The HHS Stinger
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